>> Friday, May 15, 2009

I scratch your dogs’ chin indulgingly
Late night joggers smile at my benevolence
“Lover-Boy feeding the dogs at this hour?
An assured brownie from Lover-Lady. Tee-hee!”

I glance to your room to find you still glued to your phone
Cradling it to your cheek – so soft, so porcelain.
Mischievous winds tease your dress
as curtains beckon with waving fingers.

A heavy sigh to mourn my discontent
while your dogs reply with low grumbles.
A pat on the head there ol’ boy;
at least one of us is having a good sleep tonight.

One click and your room has ushered in the night,
What a pity! You could have troubled me to do that!
You strut and prepare for the promise of a night fulfilled
All it takes is half-a-glass of water and two sleeping pills.

Fireworks, Oh! Trumpets and violins
My heart can’t withstand the joy within!
A quiet little dance to your door under the moonlight,
soundlessly covering the separating trajectory.

The fireworks dim and the trumpeters blink
What will you notice first thing in the morning?
The drugged dogs?
Or the missing pearls?